Ichigo 100 % Cosplay by Shii

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Been a long time since I watch this ichigo 100 % anime, maybe this is a romantic comedy anime (& echii) that I watched for the first time, and until now I still love this anime though after I watch anime again a few days ago, i feel like Ichigo 100 % animation looks slightly stiffer than the new anime now day, well I guess the technology and the way of making the anime it's already evolved away from that day.

In Ichigo 100% anime, there are three main female characters (a blonde and super popular School girl Tsukasa Nishino, a sweet and smart black haired girl Toujou Aya and atletick and a little stright minded Satsuki Kataoji) and the super lucky main male character in this anime is Junpei Manaka, well honestly I really hate Junpei Manaka XD, he was really lucky guy, how can three sweet girl could fall in love simultaneously on one guy like him, XD (well to be honest I always hated male lead character in all harem anime LOL).

Here, in this ichigo 100% anime cosplay pictures we can see all three main female characters that exist in the anime, (from left to right) Toujou Aya, Satsuki Kitaoji and Nishino Tsukasa, and unfortunately I only know one of cosplayers names here, Shii is a cosplayer who has made character Nishino Tsukasa looks very nice here, shes is not bad at all, she was no less sweet than the original Nishino in anime, and my favorites girl in this Ichigo 100 % Cosplay picture is Satsuki Kitaoji. In Here she looks somewhat different from Satsuki characters in the anime since she looks a little rough, since Satsuki cosplay here look very cute here.
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Lust Cosplay : Fullmetal Achemist 01

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We got a sweet Lust cosplay photography here, for those who don't know, Lust is one of the main female antagonist character in the popular anime Fullmetal Alchemist, I only watching Fullmetal Alchemist : Brotherhood (2009 anime) a remake of the first Fullmetal Alchemist anime (2003 anime), according to most people who have watched the anime brotherhood better than the previous one.

Lust is my favorites antagonist character of the series, since not her power that was clearly visible from this character, but her intelligence in manipulating information she can manipulate other people minds that make her could use them to finish her job, we can say she is a puppet master who exploit weaknesses others to control them from the shadows. other than that in terms of physical appearance, Lust has the ideal body for a woman with a nice smile she managed to get 2nd Fl. Jean Havoc as her boyfriend to dig up information about his unit (though failed).

Despite the fact she looks tempting and beautiful Lust is a Homunculus, an immortal beings who are already hundreds of years old, like the other homunculus Lust has the incredible ability longevity, astonishing regenerative capabilities and a great resistance to death that borders on immortality. Her own unique ability is to extend her fingertips into long, flexible, thin blades sharp enough to cut through just about anything with ease.

Well the cosplayer behind this sweet Lust Cosplay photography is chinese cosplayer girl, her name is Cyan, my opinion about this Lust Cosplay picture is (don't mean to judge) Cyan require more evil stare with a mysterious smile to make the character alive. because Cyan looks like a good girl here with a black dress ^^, well ... what I like about this cosplay picture is that black and white color contrast somehow it was enough to show the evil side of the Lust character of the Fullmetal Alchemist anime.
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Asuna Cosplay Photography by Katagiri

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Sweet Asuna Cosplay Photography from Sword Art Online anime, Ever feel bored with the existing online games because the monotonous and bored gameplay? Sword Art Online MMO Game offers different gameplay because your conscious will be brought into the game and make you really become part of the game, it is not surprising that when the game is released in Japan, many Gamer felt unlucky because they didn't get a copy of this game, despite the fact that they was the one who was lucky not to get involved with Sword Art Online Game.

Sword Art Online is the game at the Sword Art Online anime, the anime's story began when Nerve gaming company launched their latest game Sword Art Online, with the help of nerve Gear owned by the player, the player can feel really get into the game. but admiration felt for this game turned in to fear when players know that they are stuck in the game, and their brains will actually damaged and die if they got killed in the game or someone forcibly removed their Never gear.

Well ... we have Asuna Cosplay Photography here ... she is female protagonist character of the series, she has a slim body with a pretty face and a nice personality that can make any man fall in love with her, I guess she really did not lucky because she got stuck in this game at the first time she played game (she's never played game before), or maybe stuck in this game is luck for her, because her lives in the real world is not even better than in Sword Art Online game.

Asuna was born of rich and noble family, but that's why she was not alive at all, her parents always pressuring her to always look perfect in order to meet their expectations, but in the game Asuna can really live and meet with people who can make her feel life, Kirito, is the main protagonist in the anime, they fall in love and then becoming a husband and wife, as you can guess their relationship continues in the real world.

Katagiri is cosplayer behind this Sweet Asuna Cosplay Photography, a little different from most of Asuna cosplay pictures I've ever seen before, Katagiri looks very cute with nightdress she was wearing, I don't remember Asuna ever wear that dress in the game but maybe she wore it when she got married with Kirito on holiday in the countryside, in the second Asuna Cosplay picture she was using the menu to change her clothes, I could save time if I could use that kind of menu in real world for changing clothes.

Somehow I feel like Asuna looks more calm and mature in this Asuna Cosplay pictures I guess Katagiri does have calm-warm eyes and calm personality. what she did here is getting ready for bed or maybe she was waiting in her room Kirito to more awesome stuff together ^^ (such as playing poker Lol).
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Tsunade Cosplay photography by M

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One more great Tsunade Cosplay photography I've ever seen, Tsunade is the fifth Hokage after previous third Hokage killed lead in the attack carried out by Orochimaru, after Third Hokage died the best candidates to replace him are three Legendary Sanin, The Pervert Jiraiya, Genius Orochimaru and Princess (Hime) Tsunade, Orochimaru Impossible to chose since he's the one who attack Village, Jiraiya ? he's too pervert to become Hokage ... the only best option is Tsunade.

When tsunade offered to become Hokage she immediately rejected but for some reason (that I forgot) she finally accept to become fifth Hokage. though Tsunade is still looks like a young girl but in reality she was much older than you can imagined but with medical expertise she excel of she always looks like a 30-year-old woman, So don't be fooled by her outward appearance. beside that, behind her slim body like a normal girl she has monsterious power inside her, she can destroy a hill using only his bare hands.

Well, ... M is the cosplayer behind this Tsunade Cosplay photography, i think her body looks absolutely perfect as Tsunade so without any photoshop touch she already looks impressive, and the most i love from this Tsunade Cosplay photography is her pose (thats remarkable pose of Tsunade).
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Japanese School Girl Cosplay by Yun Kousaka

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As the title of this post, today we have some pictures of Japanese School Girl cosplay by Kousaka Yun, I said School Girl because Yun Kousaka cosplaying as her Original Character (not anime character), and even a cursory we can conclude that this is a School Girl cosplay by just looking at the uniforms she used, I don't think college girls still wear uniforms like that and how would I know her cosplaying as Japanese girl because she has a japan map in her room :) (well apart from Kousaka is the japanese XD).

The first word most I want to say when i saw this cosplay picture is -Kawaiii~ Yun has the thing that i call with natural Japanese - cuteness, somehow with that uniform and hair style Yun Kousaka has reminded me of Mayuyu (Mayu Watanabe) members of the Japanese idol girl group AKB48, i think their cuteness can be Compared ^^" am I exaggerated? because i am serious about it.

The background it looks like she chose to use her own room as photoshot location (I don't know that was her room or not XD) and that three cosplay pictures can represent most of all school girl activities in their room, read manga, read a magazine and study... Study? I think my sister never did that thing even once lol. well its sweet Japanese School Girl Cosplay by Yun Kousaka, she's cosplaying as Aoi Yamada from Working!! before.
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League of Legends Cosplay : Akali by Misa

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Another Sweet League of Legends Cosplay by Misa, after she looks amazing with her Caitlyn cosplay pictures that I've posted before now she's back with another amazing League of Legends Cosplay pictures, This time she's cosplaying as Akali one playable champion in Pupular Moba Games League of Legends, how popular this game? I'm sure you've at least heard about this game name.

Akali is also commonly known by the nickname of the Fist of Shadow, I don't understand why she got her nickname while she uses dual Kama as her weapons, but maybe she got it because she could slice a dangling chain with a chop of her hand as a result of her training with her mother, a prodigious martial artist, Akali Began training with her mother as soon as she could make a fist. Her mother's discipline was Relentless and unforgiving.

I think a lot of League of Legends Game players who idolized Akali, what I mean is akali can be greatly influenced the character of your team and for some players who do not know how to play using Akali they would say that Akali is pretty much useless, well ... think he is a noob XD, because only a noob would say XD (no offense just my opinion).

What you see in this League of Legends Cosplay is Akali with original costume/skin, just information Akali also have another skin like Crimson, All-Star, Nurse, and also Blood Moon skin when asked which my favorite ... of course hot Nurse Skin that is the best option for me, since she looks very impressive with Nurse so cute yet hot like that, so if you like fast-faced character with so many awesome buff skill Akali can be your good option for you to play with.

Looks like Misa've put a lot of cool effects in this Akali cosplay pictures (but honestly i don't really like that) I guess Misa already seen very impressive without any photo effects that the absence of such a little excessive. Akali is (Like a ninja champion) who never hesitate to do anything as long as it concerns the purpose to put it simple -she's a little heartless, well ... Misa cuteness has removed the image of  "Brutal" that attached to Akali.

About Akali Cosplay costume that she wears I guess Misa was brave enough to wear it, like what you can see here that cosplay costume can make-every guys drolled at her xD I just hope Misa also opened her mask that covered her face, and that forest background has always managed to create an impression of exotic and looks like a League of Legends warzone, Although overall Misa did awesome League of Legends Cosplay pictures here but still I feel like she is too cute as Akali character.
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SF-A2 Codename Miki Cosplay by Kaoru Harusame

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Among the many VOCALOID characters SF - A2 Codename Miki is one of the most difficult to  remember characters names I, why? because it contains a numeric name as a name for the somehing like robot stuff, SF - A2 codename miki ( SF - A2開発 コードmiki ) is a Japanese VOCALOID developed and distributed by AH - Software Co.Ltd.  And was released in December, 2009 for the VOCALOID2 engine, I think this is the first time I post SF - A2 Codename Miki cosplay in this blog.

As you can see, Codename Miki is the codename of the singer behind the voice of her, Her voice is provided by the Japanese female singer, Miki Furukawa (フルカワミキ/古 川 美 季; Furukawa Miki). Often shortened to just "SF - A2 miki", her codename of "miki " comes from her provider's name " Miki Furukawa ". In Japanese, 'codename' or 'development code' translates as 'Kaihatsu koudo'. The meaning of the "SF - A2" part of her name has never been stated.

Different from most of the characters VOCALOID, SF - A2 is a character that is in character with body design as inorganic, or maybe simply we can say she is an ANDROID, Her body is designed to look like that of a child, but also give her the overall appearance of young female that is teenaged, although she is an android but she is covered in muscles made ​​from various materials such as carbon nanotubes, but were made ​​loose to give a mild deformed look about them.

Well ... the cosplayer behind this sweet SF - A2 Codename Miki cosplay photography is Vietnamese cosplayers girl, her name is Kaoru Harusame (not sure about her real name tho), Kaoru Harusame looks more mature than Miki character that I've ever remember, though Kaoru is not very representative of the character of Miki's in my mind, but she has managed to make very beautiful and mature SF - A2 Miki Cosplay Codename, somehow that Miki Cosplay costume looks suits her very well.
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Taiga Aisaka Cosplay : Toradora! Anime

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For cosplay picture today is Taiga Aisaka Cosplay photography by our Kawaii moe Cosplayer Misa, Taiga Aisaka is the main female character of the anime - Light Novel - Game - SOS titled Toradora! .. ever hear that tittle? honestly I have not watched this anime yet, so sorry if my opinion is suit well with the fans of this anime, well Toradora is a Japanese drama, romantic comedy light novel series by Yuyuko Takemiya, with illustrations by Yasu.

If you are fans of Anime Romantic comedy themes with Toradora! Anime could be an option for you to watch later, the story on the Toradora! Startlingly when a teenager named Ryuji Takasu who is frustrated at trying to look his best as he Enters his second year of high school. Despite his gentle personality, his eyes the make him look like an intimidating delinquent, so he feels utterly hopeless about his chances of getting a girlfriend anytime soon.

Now lets start touching Aisaka, Taiga Aisaka is the main female protagonist character on this series, she has a super kawaii~ apperance, Due to her cute looks Ryuji describe her as a doll, and as what you think she is very popular in school so it is not surprising if she gets Often confessions of love by boys even though she always turns down every one of them, Including Yusaku Kitamura (which she later regrets). about how cute she is, .. I guess this Taiga Aisaka Cosplay pictures already fully represent this character.

Although Aisaka Taiga comes from a rich family but in fact she was not happy with his family, living with a father and stepmother, Aisaka always involved a fight with her parents, in the end she decided to live alone. the problem come up because she even can't feed her self (she can't cook at all), she is more often dependent on Ryuji to cook for her and spend more time at Riyuji's home than at her alone, Though she treats Ryuji badly at first, her feelings begin to change as she spends more time with him. They later Become a couple.

After looking very cute with Konomi Yuzuhara cosplay that I have previously posted, now Misa once again hypnotic us with her ​​cuteness as Taiga Aisaka with her swimsuit, as I always say Misa will always look perfect when she was cosplaying as moe character like this Taiga Aisaka Cosplay, Well ... not much else i want to say about this cosplay pictures Misa has made Aisaka character come alive here.
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Konomi Yuzuhara Cosplay by Misa

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We got a sweet girl .. Konomi Yuzuhara Cosplay from To Heart 2 visual novel game, the storyline is a major force in a visual novel games, visual novels Most Comforta you will play the main character to meet with another character in the game, the conversation you did during the game will determine in the next storyline and also the ending that you will encounter, Visual Novel Game usually has always had more than two alternate endings.

To Heart 2 is the second series of the popular To Heart Visual novels Game in this second series the story is tottaly different you will find many new characters and Konomi Yuzuhara is one of a new girl that you can only meet in To Heart 2, Konomi is a childhood friend of Takaaki (main character in To Heart 2), Whom she is neighbors with. Konomi has a childish and energetic personality and sometimes refer to herself in the third person. she Often makes an attempt at cooking, despite her culinary skills that are Often doubted by Takaaki.

Well as we can see ... Misa just simply looks perfect as Konomi Yuzuhara, what I mean is Misa has that moe thing on her so she got everything to looks as cute as Konomi Yuzuhara, her cuteness perfectly fits with Konomi's Appearance and personality since she looks childish and also energetic, beside her cosplay costume her hair is Become main attraction here because Misa looks great with her real pretty hair.

Oh yea ... in the second Cosplay pictures, there's different cosplayers, she is also one of my favorites cosplayer (i or we ofter call her as Moe Queen ^^) her name is Kipi, i am sure you already familiar with her, well... they both did a super -kawaii~ Konomi Yuzuhara Cosplay here, they both are perfectly fit with the Konomi personality, you can compare it by your self i put one of Konomi Yuzuhara as Comparation.

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